Language Services Framework Agreement

Batches are different categories that include different types of language services. Services that concern the deaf belong to Lot 4 of the framework (Non Spoken Face to Face and Video Language), which includes written translation and transcription, telephony and video interpretation services, face-to-face and non-spoken video interpretations, as well as face-to-face interpretation. This includes BSL/English, ISL/English, International Signs, Deafblind Interpreting, Deaf Relay, Text Reporting Language, Notes, Cued Speech/Makaton and Lipspeaking too. Eight regions that cover England to allow local prices and suppliers.- Discounts based on expenses/volumes promised through a mini-contest.• CHOICES- The framework offers a wide choice of suppliers that offer you a wide choice.- Offers the possibility to subcontract directly or hold a mini-contest to select your preferred suppliers.• EU COMPLIANT- You do not need to repeat the purchase process; Simply name a vendor through this framework and sign a service level agreement (SLA). Public bodies can, through a framework agreement, obtain services from LanguageLine and ensure that their delivery complies with EU public procurement rules. The Crown Commercial Service (CSC) announced that its national framework for language services (interpretation and translation) began on April 22, 2016. BSL/English Interpretation and translation are included in lot 4.

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