Interstate Agreement On Detainers Virginia

Each State Party to this Convention shall designate an official who, in collaboration with similar officials of other States Parties, shall adopt rules and rules to more effectively implement the conditions and provisions of this Convention and shall provide, within and outside the State, the information necessary for the effective implementation of this Agreement. (e) the prisoner shall be returned to the sending State as soon as possible, in accordance with the objectives of this Agreement. (g) For all purposes not provided for by temporary detention to the extent provided for in this Agreement, the prisoner shall be considered to be detained and subject to his or her jurisdiction, and any escape from temporary detention may be treated in the same manner as an escape from the original place of detention or in any other manner permitted by law. This Convention shall enter into force in its entirety for a Contracting State, if that State has brought it into force. A State Party to this Convention may resign from it by enacting a law which abolishes the same thing. However, the withdrawal of a State shall not affect the status of proceedings already initiated by prisoners or State officials at the time of the entry into force of such withdrawal and shall not affect their rights in this regard. only for the purpose of prosecution in the charge or counts contained in one or more untried and tested indictments, information or complaints which form the basis of the Prisoners` Oder, or for prosecution of other charges or charges resulting from the same settlement. (a) for the purpose of determining the duration and date of expiry of the time limits provided for in Articles III and IV of this Agreement, the time limit for the duration and duration of the hearing shall be subject to a fee tailor-made by the court having jurisdiction in the matter. (a) following a request made in accordance with Article III or Article IV of this Regulation, the competent authority of a sending State shall propose that that prisoner be remanded in custody by the competent authority of the State where such a charge, investigation or complaint is pending against that person, in order to allow for prompt and effective prosecution.

Where the request for a final decision is submitted by the prisoner, the offer of temporary detention shall be attached to the written notification referred to in Article III of this Agreement. In the case of a federal prisoner, the competent authority of the host Member State shall be entitled to temporary detention in accordance with this Agreement or to the presence of the prisoner in federal custody at the processor, depending on the deprivation of liberty agreement which may be approved by the legal guardian. (f) During the continuation or temporary detention or during the re-trial of the prisoner for the main hearing, in accordance with this Agreement, the period of the sentence shall still be in progress, but the prisoner shall win only if and to the extent permitted by the law and practice of the court imposed on him. This Agreement shall be interpreted in such a way that its objectives are achieved. The provisions of this Agreement are separable and, where a phrase, clause, phrase or provision of this Agreement is declared invalid, is contrary to the Constitution of a Contracting State or of the United States or its application to a government, authority, person or circumstance is annulled, the validity of the remainder of this Agreement and its applicability to a Government: The agency, person or circumstance shall not be affected….

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