Fidelity New Account Agreement

Allows account holders to set up incoming LFS intended for their retail or retirement accounts. Can also be used for systematic purchases of investment funds. Copy sufficient to open an account. Notary on necessary document. Margin Account Privileges Additional request from Fidelity signed and dated by the account holder and a WIS principal. Use this form to submit currency currently in your account with Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions (Fidelity) to a bank account you specified below. If you do not own the currency, you must exchange currency before sending this form. Certifies the validity and effectiveness of a permanent power of attorney („POA“) on the customer account. It is enough to be signed by the POA agent. NOTE: The document indicates a notary, but the signature guarantee is acceptable. For accounts that are not listed, please contact our operations department to determine which forms are required. Use this form to open a brokerage account of 529 plans at WIS, which must be held by National Financial Services LLC („NFS“) WIS believes it is appropriate to publish fees that may affect your accounts but are not generalized (such as commissions) on your printed confirmation or bank statements. Necessary for the purchase, sale or collection of an alternative investment in a fidelity Retail and Retirement Brokerage account.

Do not use for capital requirements. 1. Create an IRA account with this IRA app – Select Traditional DBA Based on this selection, Fidelity itself moves the assets to the newly created account. Adding, updating or changing the trusted contact on the account The depositor, whose name appears on the application below, creates a traditional individual pension account Use this form to set the payment of the annual maintenance fee for Premiere Select (IRA type name: Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SEP or SIMPLE IRA, IRA Beneficiary Distribution Account (BDA) or Roth IRA BDA). Use an IRA account form This form is required to allow Fidelity to hold an alternative investment in a client`s retail or pension account….

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