Expat Clause Tenancy Agreement Malaysia

Although there is no specific lease law, such an agreement, concluded with a lease signed accordingly, is governed by contract law in Malaysia under the Contracts Act 1950. This means that there is always a legal framework that protects both parties. (3) Rent arrears may be seized after the rental agreement has been established, provided either that the tenant still lives in the premises for which the rent is due, or that there are still goods of the tenant on the site. Thank you Gravitas. Based on what everyone says, you advise that we will stay until the end of our lease. Consider paying more attention to leases in the future. And first ask all the relevant questions about the area The question is then, what exactly are the standard agreements with which you agree? Remember that every contract is different, but these are the most common situations that can arise. There may be a clause (often referred to as a „diplomatic clause“) that determines what to pay if the termination occurs before the expiry of the agreed term of the contract. If such a clause does not exist, the balance of the rent must normally be paid. Resigning is not the same. But maybe you can negotiate. Unfortunately, this is because contract law works in a Muslim country. The agreement is concluded in advance for the agreed period and the agreed terms.

Real estate agents should help foreigners include an interruption clause or diplomatic clause in all rental contracts.

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