Share Entrustment Agreement

The parties herein confirm that the parties have pro-rataly transferred the share of the shares held in ReneSola`s capital, which it has been agreed that they would remain favourable under the trust agreement (notwithstanding: That the actual percentage of the shares held by each of the contracting parties is in any event reduced by the percentages set. as a result of ReneSola`s shareholding in shares made at the time of ReneSola`s admission to the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange plc, the legal interest in 300,000 shares of ReneSola in Bai Xiao Xiao Shu, in accordance with the facts. The contracting parties jointly state that the delivery mission requires the processing of personal data and that each party will entrust the processing of certain personal data to the other party. Accordingly, the parties agree to conclude this agreement by specifying their rights and obligations in the processing of personal data. The most frequently disputed point is that shareholders` creditors are calling for the enforcement of the shareholder`s shares, while anonymous shareholders are not allowed to exclude such a seizure. Under the principle of „commercial appearance,“ the appearance of rights that are reflected in relevant advertising leads to the confidence of the third party in the appearance of rights. Even if the actual situation is incompatible with the confidence of the third party, priority should be given to protecting the effectiveness of the third party`s civil acts, as long as the confidence of the third party is appropriate. WeBloc Asia Inc. (`company`) entrusts the user with personal data during the token Generation Events, as described below. An agreement on the processing of personal data is required to sing on the company`s website. The shelf life is in accordance with personal data protection laws and regulations. To learn more about participation, write to us about The great drawback that it has a limited effect on third parties and to make any kind of changes in the articles, you need to spend considerable time, since all transactions are made between shareholders, intermediaries, and the company through documents organized by the Company.

This agreement is concluded by the company`s shareholders. It can also be signed by a member of the company, which helps them avoid leakage to the public. In previous participation proceedings, when the court has determined whether the participation agreement signed between the actual investor and the shareholder was valid when the contract was not contrary to the legal and administrative requirements, it would generally decide that the participation contract is valid. The hearing is conducted by the legal team of both parties. After a full search, a party can make an offer regarding the agreement, and if both agree, it is written in the contract. CONSIDERING that Party A, Party B, Party C and Party D are shareholders of Zhejiang Yuhuan Solar Energy Source Co., Ltd. („Yuhuan“), whose party A holds a 23% stake in Yuhuan; Part B holds an 18% stake in Yuhuan; Part C holds a 41% stake in Yuhuan; The D party holds an 18% stake in Yuhuan. Yuhuan currently owns 75% of Zhejiang Yuhui Solar Energy Source Co., Ltd.

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