Severance Agreement Practical Law

Labour and labour law in Australia consists of a large number of often complex and related federal, state and customary laws. Practical Law Employment has been designed to provide you with the practical know-how you need to become familiar with this complex legal field. „Practical Law Employment provides lawyers and HR/IR professionals with practical tools to guide you and help you through the complexity of an employment matter. You act with confidence and save time, because you know that our practical notes, checklists, precedents and letter templates are constantly updated to reflect the latest developments in the law and cover all the basics. I am proud of my team of legal experts who all have experience in specialized practice and who strive to impart clear and meaningful legal knowledge to busy practitioners. Linda Taylor, Head of Employment ChecklistsChecklist is a quick reference that reminds you of the practical and legal actions you need to take in a case. Standard documents and clauses Standard documents provide you with up-to-date templates for your relevant labour relations topics and contain design instructions that describe general concerns for certain clauses. Practical notes Practical notes offer you concise statements about well-being and practice. We consult all relevant labour law sources, practitioners and guiding texts and disist the principles so that you can advise with confidence. Stay informed about the latest developments in labor law, with regular legal updates and relevant comments on changes that are really important.

Katrina Seck has been working in large and boutique firms for 10 years before going to Practical Law Australia. Katrina`s specialty is in the area of employment law and has advised her clients at all stages of the employment relationship. Katrina has experience in employee engagement, performance management, occupational health and safety, workplace investigations, litigation and termination of employment relationships. Alina Kaye has a wide range of experience in the field of labour law after working at Australian and international law firms including johnson, Winter & Slattery. Alina has advised employers in a wide range of sectors with regard to labour relations and related matters, including business transfer, remuneration and social benefits, restructuring and outsourcing, combating discrimination and sexual harassment, complaints and litigation, independent contractors, the management of benefits, the termination of the employment relationship and trade restrictions after the termination of the employment relationship. . . .

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