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Work agreements are the rules/disciplines/processes that the team commits to committing to without error, in order to make themselves more efficient and become the self-administered aspect of Scrum. These agreements help the team develop a common understanding of what it means to work as a team. Now that the team was more comfortable, they were better able to communicate and exchange ideas on ways to improve. Over the next iteration, more and more barriers fell as trust improved. The team met several times to propose improvements. At that time, everyone was getting used to working together and we were all excited because we felt like it was an opportunity for the team to reinvent themselves. We now had to discuss how we have our work and communication styles, meeting hours, etc. to accommodate most, if not all, of our team. An idea of using Scrum values to make it easier to find ideas has become our main concern. The team felt that integrating scrum values would help them perform well. I didn`t want to contradict him! Getting us to use focus, openness, respect, courage and commitment as generators of ideas actually helped move all the following meetings forward. „Updates to the Scrum Guide: The 5 Scrum values take center stage“ When the list of important things grew, everyone was ready to formalize them as the first working agreements in team rules. While we had analyzed several ways to improve our observation of scrum values, we wanted to start slowly and just add what everyone had agreed to be there.


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