Agreement Between Treasury Board And Ships Officers

Negotiator: Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council (Esquimalt) (West) (FGDTLC (W)) Collective Agreement Expiry Date: January 30, 2023 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Arbitration The Ships`Officers Group includes positions that are primarily involved in the management and control of the operation of civilian vessels on board requiring a title; the operation of floating facilities; the operation and maintenance of radio equipment installed on ships used in maritime transport; and training in nautical and marine engineering at the Canadian Coast Guard College. The amount of the difference in cost of living depends on the price differences measured by Statistics Canada between the isolated substation and its main source of supply. Negotiator: UNIFOR Date of expiry of the collective agreement: 30. June 2022 Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Arbitration This Directive is considered to be part of the collective agreements between the parties to the National Joint Council (NJC) and the workers in order to facilitate access to this Directive. All-weather road (all-weather road) means a standard gravel or superior road that extends between a place and place specified in the definition of the point of departure, impassable during frost for less than three consecutive weeks and during periods of separation for three consecutive weeks and including daily ferry service. This Directive shall enter into force on 1 April 2003, unless otherwise specified. In the event of misinterpretations or misrepresentations resulting from this Directive, the appeal procedure shall apply to all workers represented within the meaning of the Law on Employment Relations in the Civil Service, in accordance with Article 14 of the Statutes of the National Joint Council. The Department`s appeal procedure applies to unselfpresented staff. (revised April 1, 2005) *** In some cases, this declaration may be used if the duration of cohabitation has been broken for reasons beyond the control of the worker or person to be designated as a common law partner. For more information on collective bargaining in the core public administration, see Frequently Asked Questions – Collective Bargaining in the Core Public Administration and Definitions.

. The application of this Directive to workers in the occupational categories of officers and crews of ships is set out in Annex E. (revised in June 2004). Household income (household income) – is the aggregate gross income, in any form, of all members of the family or, where applicable, of an individual, with the exception of: The items included in this subgroup are those which correspond to the definition of the group and which are primarily responsible for the operation and maintenance of radio equipment installed on ships used in maritime operation. A difference between fuel and supply services must be paid in designated remote locations where fuel prices and ancillary costs are abnormally high due to increased transportation costs and consumption rates imposed by the geographic site. The difference between fuel and utilities is meant to supplement employees` income and help them offset these higher costs. The information on this website relates to public service employees for whom the Board of Directors is the employer. . The objective of this Directive is to facilitate the recruitment and engagement of staff providing government programmes in remote locations and to ensure that staff are treated in public housing in a manner equivalent to that of persons who rent similar housing from private or commercial sources. . Requests for the evaluation of newly acquired housing or rental units as well as requests for reference rents for the evaluation of rooms or dormitories should be addressed to the CMHC field offices. However, they are entitled to the allowances paid at their respective registered office.

Public use of residential facilities (use of housing by the public) – includes the use of private dwellings made available to the occupant, such as the bathroom, bedrooms, communication equipment, etc., by officials or other government employees. . . .

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