Adobe Software License Agreement Download

The network user who has access to this software on the server is referred to as a „server software user“. The total number of server software users (not the number of concurrent users) must not exceed the allowed number. For example, if the customer has purchased 10 software licenses (the number allowed is 10) and the customer chooses to install the software on a server, the customer can only provide access to the software to up to 10 server software users (even though the customer may have more than 10 network users or less than 10 concurrent users of the software). 16.10 Contribute Publishing Services. If the software contains the full version of Adobe After Effects, the customer may install an unlimited number of rendering engines on computers on its internal network, including at least one computer that has the full version of adobe After Effects software installed. The term „rendering engine“ refers to an installable part of the software that allows the rendering of post-effects projects, but cannot be used to create or edit projects and does not contain the full after effects user interface. 14.7 Recruitment Manager. The software may contain Flash Player. Flash Player can save certain user settings by saving them on the client`s computer as a local shared object.

They are associated with the Flash Player instance on the computer, allowing the client to customize the execution functions. . . .

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