Pacific Blue Cross Pharmacy Provider Agreement

On January 1, 2018, a new pharmacy supplier agreement with Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) came into effect to offer additional benefits to pharmacies. We would like to remind vision and listening providers that many claims made on behalf of First Nations Health Authority customers can now be processed online via PROVIDERnet for more efficient refunds. Because the BC Health Society is useful, we want to ensure that our members and suppliers have the tools they need to deal with the latest developments related to COVID-19 (coronavirus). To stay abreast of the latest information, we recommend that all health care providers in British Columbia continue to follow the advice of the BC Centre for Disease Control, their Professional College and the BC government. EQ Care is expanding the digital, virtual and telemedicine offering of the PBC provider network to a win-win situation for individually acquired extended health plans. It provides convenient access to a virtual health ecosystem at the fingertips of PBC members who purchase personal health insurance and bring health care home. Pacific Blue Cross has worked hard to implement policies and practices that enable legitimate providers (including psychology, chiropractic, physiotherapy and hearing) to benefit from telemedicine services. If you have any questions or concerns about the new pharmacy provider agreement, please contact the Practice Support Team. We also understand the important role you play in the health care ecosystem and associates members with their benefits. It is understandable that you have questions of yours at this unique time. We keep this response page up to date where you can send by email. EQ Care, a bilingual organization with more than 30 years of health experience in Canada, is the ideal partner to provide these services. Pacific Blue Cross members with this benefit can access healthcare via the company`s web platform or mobile app.

A care manager assists the member in the care, connects him to a doctor, helps make transfers to specialists and psychiatric specialists, as well as documentation, including virtual forms for people with disabilities. In conjunction with the Pacific Blue Cross Preferred Pharmacy Network, the doctor can send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of the member of their choice or members can opt for home delivery via the Pocket Pill Service. We strive to ensure that our members and suppliers continue to receive the services and support you need. For the fastest, we advise you to activate our digital options if you haven`t alwise. If you already have a PROVIDERnet account, please contact with API integration questions „As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, the public needs more than ever reliable virtual health solutions to avoid appointments for people as much as possible. As the world`s longest virtual healthcare provider in Canada, we have a wealth of experience in providing the highest quality to our clients at our convenience, anytime, anywhere. We are pleased to work with Pacific Blue Cross to improve the health experience of its members and ensure the safest care,“ said Daniel Martz, CEO of EQ Care. Pacific Blue Cross has worked hard to develop strategies and practices that would enable listening providers to provide telehealth services. Starting April 27, 2020, hearing providers will now be able to charge Pacific Blue Cross virtual care services for plans with eligible hearing benefits. The benefits vary from plan to plan. Members should review coverage of telemedicine performance in their specific plan.

Please note the following requirements: „The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the health sector to radically change the way it provides care at all levels of the system. In line with our mission to improve the health and well-being of British Columbia

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