Army Written Bonus Agreement

d. MILPER MESSAGE 19-146, AMENDMENT TO MILPER 19-123, 16 APR 19, SUBJECT: FY 2019 ARMY COMPETITIVE CATEGORY (ACC) INTERMEDIATE LEVEL EDUCATION (ILE) SELECTION BOARD AND PROCESS FOR SUBMITTING ILE RESIDENT ATTENDANCE PREFERENCES, ISSUED [5/9/2019 7:01:32 AM]. See the change message for the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA. v. MILPER MESSAGE 19-145, RELEASE OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020 (AY2020) AMEDD-4 (ARM) NURSE (AN), MEDICAL SERVICE (MS), ARMY MEDICAL SPECIALIST (SP), AND VETERINARY (VC)) CORPS LONG TERM HEALTH EDUCATION AND TRAINING (LTHET) PROGRAM AND AMEDD RAND ARROYO This message announces the publication of the AY2020 AMEDD-4 Corps LEDD The official publication date is June 14, 19. has. Milper MESSAGE 19-143, WRITTEN BONUS AGREEMENT (WBA) UNDER THE SELECTIVEON RETENTION BONUS (SRB) PROGRAM FOR THE REGULAR ARMY, ISSUED: [5/7/2019 3:01:32 PM]. The WBA, as part of the SRB program, was created to provide the military with an agile and flexible process to motivate soldiers who currently have indeterminate re-invocation contracts to continue serving in the regular army. This message authorizes an SRB for soldiers by performing a WBA. The eligibility requirements in this MILPER message must be met to require payment of an SRB as part of a WBA. 2. ACTIVE ENLIST COMPONENTED CREW AND KEY LEADER STABILIZATION VIA ASSIGNMENT ELIGIBILITY AND AVAILABILITY (AEA) CODE F, CREW STABILIZATION. The HRC Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (EPMD) updated the guidelines for Active Component Enlisted Crew and Key Leader Stabilization via the AEA F code, „Crew Stabilization.“ This stabilization is based on specific bet positions for a certain amount of time and is not a full unit stabilization, operational stabilization or stop move. To view this guide, please see the link below (requires a CAC connection). 4. NATIONAL GUARD REGULATION (NGR) 680-1, PERSONNEL ASSETS ATTENDANCE AND ACCOUNTING, 15 APR 19. By arng Army Personnel Division (ARNG-HRP): NGR 680-1 has been revised and the new regulations are available for download on the National Guard Bureau Publications and Forms Library [] website. It updates the guidelines for revised codes for training and retirement categories (CRTs) and benefit limits for drillers who are not ahead of the service. and contains guidelines for the EBDL report.

MyUnitPay (MUP) procedures will not be changed. For more information and more information about your qualification, click here in MILPER`s current message. This MILPER notification will come into effect on June 1, 2020 and may change after July 1, 2020 without further announcement. The expiration date of this message is May 30, 2021. 3. ASSIGNMENT INTERACTIVE MODULE 2 (AIM 2) MARKETPLACE TRAINING. HRC, OPMD will host training sessions for Active Component (AC) Unit Strength Manager on AIM 2 Marketplace from May 8 to 9, 2019.

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